Top Cyber Security Insights for 2021

December 10
Free live webinar
Get a sneak-peek into next year’s cyber security trends and gain expert insights about its challenges in 2021
09:00 CET
Join SIT Academy’s live webinar on December 10 and discover what cyber security will look like in 2021.
Access the leading experts in the cyber security field, who use their personal entrepreneurial and consulting experience to help you achieve digital safety.
The SIT Insights in Cyber Security webinar will focus on the emerging cyber security challenges for business leaders, who use or plan to use Networks, Cloud Computing, Social Media, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Analytics, AI, or Robotics.

This 45-min event will reveal which digital threats to watch out for in 2021 and share hands-on individual and corporate digital safety tips to implement right away.

Meet our speakers

Candid Wüest

Philipp Boksberger

SIT Academy Faculty
VP Cyber Protection Research at Acronis
SIT Academy Managing Director

About the webinar

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Get to know the cyber security priorities for 2021
Recognize your company’s challenges in achieving cyber security
Learn the best practices to address cyber breaches effectively
Choose new technologies for your business while maintaining maximum cyber security
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